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Game name: Juiced!  (also known as Juiced – adventure land)
Developer: Timothy van der Hoeven
Released: June 2020 (full release), latest update 29-05-21  (2.04)
Platforms: Windows, MacOS X, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch
Players:Price: PC EUR 1.59, iOS EUR 1.19, Android free, Nintendo Switch EUR 4.99
Languages: English, Spanish (ES), Dutch, Portuguese (BR), Polish, Russian, Simpl Chinese, German, French
Size: around 90-130Mb
Buy/download: Steam – Playstore – Appstore
Social media: Twitter – Facebook – Instagram – Youtube – Discord


Juiced! is an exciting 2d adventure platformer featuring challenging puzzles, wacky enemies and challenging bosses. Travel through 15 colourful and exotic worlds to uncover the mystery of the eternal crystals and save the galaxy from evil!

-Singleplayer and Multiplayer local co-op
-Exciting 2d platform gaming
-Challenging and funny puzzles
-15 unique worlds and boss battles
-More than 10hrs of playtime
-Fight 80 different enemies
-Discover 30 unique weapons and powerups
-Tons of secret collectibles and bonus stages
-Adjustable difficulty
-Unlockable challenges (Time Trial and YOLO)
-Unlockable outfits
-Over 40 tracks of catchy synthesizer music
-Full gamepad support

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Multiplayer Update trailer:

About the developer

Timothy van der Hoeven is a Dutch indie developer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. 
He is a medical doctor and develops games as a hobby project. Currently, Juiced! is his only game project. 

Juiced! – a video game for PC and mobile
Developed by Timothy van der Hoeven
© All rights reserved

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