BIG Multiplayer update: v2.04


It’s here and it’s ready, the MULTIPLAYER update!

v2.04 brings a LOT of changes. Most notably the multiplayer support.
Secondly, we’ve added a new Boss Rush mode, with extra unlockable mask.
Also, there’s a really cool new mask, called the Duck mask, unlocked when all hats and masks have been unlocked.

Go check it out!

MacOSX/Android/iOS version will release next week!
Nintendo Switch version will release 1st week of July

Full list of changes:
-Multiplayer support for local co-op! (and Steam Remote Play)
-Added unlockable Boss Rush mode with extra unlockable mask
-Added the Duck mask: unlocked when all other masks and hats have been unlocked
-Updated level 2 backdrop
-Updated some larger sprite artwork for better consistency (Boss Speeder, Fountain lvl 10, Aleb’s house)
-Fixed parallax scrolling of the moon in Level 4 and added extra background layer
-Added a missing checkpoint in level 2 room 3
-Small graphical improvements to the Prologue
-You can now THROW keys into presents, woohoo!
-Screenshot taking for Steam is now enabled
-Some added secret areas in level 2 and 3
-More consistency in Tiko’s sprite colors
-Minecart part in lvl 13 now let’s you retry on YOLO mode
-[Bug fix] Switching hats and masks is not always saved
-[Bug fix] Suck tubes in level 11 sometimes sent you the wrong way
-[Bug fix] Ninja star in lvl 11 falling through the ground
-[Bug fix] Final speeder cutscene in lvl 5 would still trigger after dying
-[Bug fix] Dying in tutorial level would reload last save game instead of restarting level
-[Bug fix] Using the bomb on level 6 boss too fast after it spawned resulted in a crash
-[Bug fix] Zap gun beam would sometimes go through enemies without hitting them
-[Bug fix] Moving platforms sometimes lost their sprite when outside view
-[Bug fix] Getting BUSTED on YOLO mode in lvl 8 room 1 loaded a previous save game instead of game over screen
-Many other small bug fixes

Small update: v2.03


Version 2.03 fixes some more game-breaking bugs:

-[Bug fix] Level 9 boss would not progress to final scene in some cases
-[Bug fix] In some cases acorns would not add to your inventory during the lizard boss in the Epilogue 
-[Bug fix] Previous weapon key was not working on keyboard

Big multiplayer update coming soon!

Here’s v2.02!


Version 2.02 brings a couple of essential bug fixes:

-[Crash fix] Game would crash if OS had an unsupported language
-[Bug fix] Witch boss was mirrored while performing her last attack
-[Bug fix] Several boundary breaks in level 9
-[Bug fix] Could get stuck between present and ceiling in level 11 room 3
-[Bug fix] Reduced difficulty of the octopus bounce in level 11 room 4
-[Bug fix] Pause menu and shop/trader menu activating together on mobile version
-[Bug fix] In some situations the final part of the surf chase would not trigger

Version 2.01 has arrived!


Yes, already a new update! Well, I had a handful of bug fixes and some thing I liked to tweak as soon as possible, so here it is!

All changes in v2.01:

-Reduced load times for languages
-Added idle “animation”
-Completely reworked ice platform mechanics. Now more natural and less annoying.
-You can now re-land on a hang bar right after you’ve used a weapon
-Made lvl 4 trees brighter for they were hard to see on screens with low brightness
-Camera position moved more to the right for the lvl 5 ice skate levels (easier to see what lies ahead)
-Small changes to lvl 2 and 5
-Made Lizard boss in Epilogue a tiny bit easier
-Small changes to some sprites
-[Bug fix] Starman in lvl 11 would sometimes not bounce
-[Bug fix] Fixed also for lvl 11: Could lose health once after emerging from sucking tube while being Juiced
-[Bug fix] After lvl 4 Witch boss you could walk off screen, resulting in instant death at the start of lvl 5
-[Bug fix] In level 5, ice machine room, throwing Penguins in some places could softlock the game
-[Bug fix] Horizontal speed for up throwing Claw traps, Dogs or Bombs was set too low
-[Bug fix] Rabbit getting stuck in walls while transforming after trapped by claw trap
-[Bug fix] Switching languages during the tutorial resulted in scrambled hint boxes
-[Bug fix] Witch boss could also be hit by anvil on upper flight

Version 2.00 is online!


After a lot of playtesting I’m finally able to release a new version with loads of bug fixes!

Most importantly, 6 new languages were added: Russian, Polish, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Simplified Chinese

Also, you can now look down when holding the down button, which can come in handy in some tricky situations. 

Check the full list below for all changes. 

Share the news and please leave a review on the corresponding store page! 

Nintendo Switch version: 
Since the Lotcheck for Nintendo Switch will take a little longer, I expect the new patch for the Switch to arrive somewhere around December 6th. 

All changes in v2.00:

-Added 6 new languages: German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Polish and Simplified Chinese!
-Gamepad controls edited to be more consistent with the Nintendo Switch controls: Weapon switching is now mapped to the shoulder buttons, a new “interact” button is used for items, vending machines, doors, etc.
-You can now look down by holding the down button!
-Small changes to Prologue Temple part
-Switch/Mobile: Updated splash screen art
-Windows: fixed broken Steam site link
-[Bug fix] A vending machine in lvl 8 sold strange unusable magnet item (which can now also be discarded if owned)
-[Bug fix] Could lose health once after emerging from sucking tube while being Juiced
-[Bug fix] Juiced meter was not reset before final final boss fight, sometimes resulting in very quick victory
-[Bug fix] If a cutscene was triggered while activating Juiced it was impossible to get Juiced again
-[Bug fix] Game crash if a slime was killed right before being eaten by another slime
-[Bug fix] Guard Beardmen were killable by forcefield weapon
-[Bug fix] Guard Beardmen duo not running away from Eater simultaneously
-[Bug fix] Seed item getting stuck on your head after boss lvl 1
-[Bug fix] Claw trap sometimes forced enemies through walls
-[Bug fix] Force cannon bullets immediately destroyed when fired near a wall instead of just bouncing off
-[Bug fix] Sometimes Android version would default with gamepad controls instead of touch screen
-[Bug fix] Pausing at the wrong moment could cause the game to crash
-Lots of smaller bug fixes and tweaks

New version 1.99 is online!


Finally, after the succesful full release of the game, here is a first update. 

Main new feature is the full support for Spanish and Dutch, including all in-game dialog! 

I also did a full remix and remaster for all music tracks. Since most music tracks were over 5 years old, it was time for a little tweaking. Most older tracks (from the earlier parts of the game) now have improved stereo mix and overal volume is more normalized. 

Some minor improvements were made to the tilesets of level 1 and 2, especially to the trees and foliage, I think they look a lot better now! 

Fruit now has a gentle float animation, ladders handle a lot smoother and WASD is now supported on PC when arrow keys are used for controls. 

Most of the other improvements are bug fixes mentioned at the bottom of this post. 

Paid version

As announced earlier, Juiced is now paid on Steam and iOS. The reason why was explained in my previous post, and I’ll hope you’ll find the game is worth it. 
For now the game remains free on Android, because the only way to switch to paid is to reset the store statistics, which I find a little too drastic. 

As the store statistics for Steam have reset as well, I’m in dire need of new reviews! Please leave one if you will!

Switch version

The Nintendo Switch version is making a lot of progress. I’m planning on completing the final build in a couple of weeks and aim for a release end of September, fingers crossed!

That’s it for now, enjoy playing the game!

All changes in v1.99:

-Full Spanish and Dutch menu and dialog localization!
-Improved handling of ladders
-Fruit now gently “floats”
-All music tracks remixed and remastered
-Small improvements to Level 1&2 tilesets
-Updated the credits
-[PC] Posibility to switch to fullscreen on start menu using the gamepad
-[PC] WASD can also be used if arrow keys are used for movement
-[Bug fix] Enemies could disappear if they fell in water when Juiced mode was activated
-[Bug fix] Rats in lvl 12 could get stuck in walls
-[Bug fix] Troll and slime enemy in lvl 13 could fall through floors
-[Bug fix] Enemy count for Dragonfly eggs was off in lvl 13
-[Bug fix] Boss 5 music volume could overwrite general music volume
-[Bug fix] Vortex could kill enemies that should be immune to the vortex
-[Bug fix] Some enemies in lvl 11-13 had wrong offset when trapped in Clawtrap or Bubble
-Lots of small bug fixes and improvements

v1.98 is live! The game is now finished!


v1.98 is here and that means that Juiced has finally reached its conclusion!
The foundations for this project date back to 2008, when I drew the first sprites for Tiko and the acorn enemy.
And it’s been a hell of a ride and I’m both sad and happy to have reached its end!

First let me tell you what’s new in this version, then I’ll reveal what to expect in the near future.

v1.98 adds the final Aleb bosses to the Epilogue. Some final cutscenes and the credits were added.
The dialogue system received an update and the speech balloons now have tails!
Some sprites had a little make-over and tons of bugs were fixed.
Time Trial and YOLO mode now are a little more “premium”. You unlock the corresponding Time Trial after beating a level.
YOLO mode is unlocked after finishing the Epilogue.
Also, after beating the Epilogue, a new “dashboard” is unlocked that can be viewed in the pause menu.
This will show your stats on fruit, enemies and coins and the ones still available in the current room. Check this dashboard at the end of every room to check if you collected everything for a score of 50.000 points.

At the bottom of this post is a full list of changes.


So, what’s next? Well, sadly there’s no new content or levels planned.
v1.99 will focus mostly on bug fixing and tweaking.

However, I’m happy to announce a SPANISH and DUTCH version are on there way!
This means ALL dialog and in game text will be translated in these languages.
If you’d like to contribute and provide an extra language: YES PLEASE!
I don’t have the means to pay you for it…but you will be credited for your hard work of course!
If you’re interested, please send an email to including a small background of your job history/skills so I’ll know you’ll be up for the job.

Second, I’m very excited to start working on the Nintendo Switch version.
I received the necessary hardware and software so I’m ready to start building.
I will keep you updated on the proces on social media.

Third, Juiced will not remain free…WHAT?
Of course, if you already own the game, it will stay free. And it won’t be expensive, I’m looking at somewhere <5 euros.
After all this hard work I finally finished this game and I would like to stay true to its value.
So after years of expanding, testing and bug fixing I think the current version is good enough to be paid for.
Also, people will expect more from a game that they have to pay for and I think Juiced will fulfill these expectations.
I’m not sure when I’ll make this change, probably after fixing the bugs in v1.98.

All changes in v1.98:

-Epilogue 100% complete! Game is now finished!
-Connected gamepad will be automatically recognized and used as input
-Time trial mode is now unlocked after finishing a level on any score (unless you already played it)
-YOLO mode is now unlocked after finishing the Epilogue (unless you already played it)
-Made it more clear that health regenerates during first Qhaen boss in Epilogue
-Small improvements to the dialog system
-Totem pole enemy now animates
-Android now also has a pause button on screen (since most modern phones ditched their buttons)
-[Steam] Added 4 more achievements
-[Bug fix] Enemy count in lvl 8 was off which made it impossible to get 50 000 points
-[Bug fix] Skipping the savepoint could result in a softlock in lvl 9, room 3
-[Bug fix] Scarab beetles in lvl 9 could get stuck in blocks
-[Bug fix] Game could crash on Kyo’s first encounter in lvl 10
-[Bug fix] Homing missiles sometimes failed to hit certain enemies
-[Bug fix] Crabbies would stop eating seaweed if outside view in lvl 11 resulting in a softlock
-[Bug fix] Enemy count in lvl 11 was off which made it impossible to get 50 000 points
-[Bug fix] Enemy count in lvl 13 was off which made it impossible to get 50 000 points
-Lots of smaller bug fixes and tweaks

Juiced a “hidden gem”


Great! Juiced is mentioned on Gameskeys as a hidden gem for the Playstore!
Check out the article here:

Here’s v1.97!


This week v1.97 will gradually roll out on all platforms (Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS). Battle Qhaen in his final transformation in a climactic face-off! 

New in this version is a new difficulty setting: “Super easy mode”. This is intended for people who like to play the game but are new to platformers. Playing in “Super easy mode” will have the following effects:
-Extended health bar
-Longer hit cooldown
-More coin spawn
-Juice meter charges more quickly
-Start with 5 lives instead of 3
-Highscore is reduced by 5000 points (so it’s impossible to get the ‘perfect’ score)
-YOLO and Time Trial are only playable at normal difficulty

You can switch between difficulties at any save/load point! 

As you can see, there will be another update before the Epilogue is complete…

Here’s a full list of changes:

-Epilogue 80% complete
-Added option to continue directly from game over screen
-Added “Super easy” difficulty setting
-Slight changes to level 3 colour palette
-[PC] Enabled Steam cloud save
-[PC] Added Steam achievements
-[Mobile] Jumping now feels less “floaty” when using touchscreen
-Added a small easter egg area in Level 8 room 3: “Bigeater nest” 
-Several bug fixes and tweaksis intended

v1.96 is ready!


This week v1.96 will become available online on all platforms. Also, the game will be availabe in the Steam store and a MacOS version will be added! 

Make your way through the final chapter and prepare for an epic battle!

-Epilogue 60% complete
-Prologue tileset updated to match Epilogue tileset
-Lives can now be bought at Juice Jockeys
-[Bug fix] Possibility to get stuck inside walls when jumping on Spike Snails
-[Bug fix] Tiko would freeze when shooting fireballs while a gun was equipped
-Other small bug fixes and tweaks

v1.95 is online!


New version is online! Level 13 is now complete, featuring a new and challenging boss. Don’t worry, this is not the final update. There’s still some more story to tell and some bosses to fight! Stay tuned!

-Level 13 100% complete
-Touch screen buttons are now adjustable in size
-GUI now hides if Tiko is behind it
-[Bug fix] Infinite restart loop when dying right before Cassie chase in lvl 6
-[Bug fix] Troll would fall off screen if it jumped on a moving platform

Juiced! – a video game for Windows, Android and iOs
Developed by Timothy van der Hoeven
© All rights reserved

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